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District 9 – Official Trailer (HD)

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In theaters August 14th!

For more DISTRICT 9 information, visit http://D-9.com

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M A says:

Thank God he’s making the new Alien film after Ridley destroyed Alien Covenant.

Hyperbel says:

when i was younger and watched this, i thought this is a real documentation lol

georgef35 says:

Modern day Europe.

han says:

Is this the 9th series of DISTRICT?

yus bak says:

Still better than Alita battle angle Snapchat eyes filter.

Balucm Krish says:

This movie must requires a sequel!!

Ibrahim Guru says:

this feels so relevant now for some reason


This is a great movie. It makes excellent points.

Tumieee Rambau says:

This movie freaked me the flip out…Yoh

Night Falls says:

I dont think there ever will come a sequel. That means, ITS TIME WE RIOT! Goddamn this movie is fantastic and must have a sequel! Great movie and underated af

BreTheRabbit says:

Fucking humans… πŸ™„

Purvesh Pawar says:

Amazing movie of 2010….but this vfx is feeling so old in 2017πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

BIlly Ray says:

I Remember when I first saw this trailer, it's brilliant in the way that I thought it was a real documentary about Foreign relations with U.S troops, and then at the end they shock you with it being an Alien..

Alpha Crusaders says:

To anyone wondering if there will be a sequel to this movie, there WILL be, ONLY if the director says if he’s, β€œalive.” Hopefully he was meaning it in a jokingly manner, because I REALLY can’t wait for the sequel.
So there WILL be one, just not for a while. I enjoy reading the fan ficts. of the Poleepkwa anyway <3

Asif Nawaz says:

Holy crap πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

chimchim gotnojams says:

It's the best movie so far

Martin Huberdeau says:


Eduardo Ases Severino says:


Gabriel ViewableTune251 says:

1:06 what is that thing?

Uriel Salva says:

This was supposed to be the Halo movie but production costs became too much and they didn't want the stunning animation so it became this. An amazing movie but I would've preferred Halo ):

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