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Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

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“There was an idea…” Avengers: Infinity War. In theaters May 4.

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Rajiv Bhuvanagiri says:

More than this trailer sarrainodu hindi movie got highest views.that is""" Allu Arjun"""".

nitish manhas says:


Mohammad Waseem says:

Who is watching now

Surendra Devagan says:

Who's Watching On 1st Day 2018 For Goosebumps 0:32 ??

Freaking Gamer says:


Dying to watch it!!

Sem T. Borja says:

I am waiting this on cinemas we friends has schedule dates on that movies.. Justice league this year (2017) is awesome also but on my opinion avengers 1 make me puke on their jokes when i watch it this day:/.. Avengers 2 is good and thor ragnarok is awesome! I did not read comics it's boring i watch both i prefer dc movies not cartoons or whatever dc has most good story movies.. Marvel movies some are making me puke also.. Actually i agreed on critics 99%. I dont get hyped very when we are ongoing to cinema on justice league.. But when the movie started i get chill on my body.. On first scene where steppenwolf first fight before the title "justice league" appears it beat my heart fast and wow i am glad i watch it! Justice league main character like aquaman,flash,cyborg has still no solo movies well of course they did not join batman & wonderwoman becouse if they did jl is puke like avenger 1.. Glad i watch their story build on that movie leaving no choice for aquaman, cyborg to join on war with paraedemons army. dc movies are not for kiddy mind…of course i won't spoil to those who still not watch it.. so here's the lesson to not believe critics in all movies and watch them before judge…i like avenger 1 when i am kid but when i reach teenager 14+… I am 16 years old now actually avenger 1 is kiddy movie..

Thanks for reading this long comment

Stiawan Jhodi says:

omg i'm waiting for that

Bartek Goleń says:

I can't stop watching this video every day xDDDDD

Søren Stilling says:

Wtf blonde black widow?

turkk #1 says:

my therapist is waiting for me

Animefan 345 says:

0:52 its pretty normal to turn you head back like an owl when you feel goosebumps.
My neck hurts every day

Jagathesswaran M.A says:

Highest grosser of all time in making…. 😍😍😍😍

nx fern Z says:

yeah 2018 #InfinityWar

SKYRULE-49 says:

I didn't see Antman, Hawkeye, Agent Hill, and Nick Fury.

Gunardi Sanjaya says:

Justice League was a horseshit. This one's gonna be the biggest superhero movie ever. I mean big money of course

Comedy 3000 says:

1:461:51 Yes! Take that, Iron Man! That’s what you get for your actions in Civil War! And Homecoming. Anyway, thank you Thanos!

Enrique zz says:

Star Wars trailer to make 100 million view: 2 years
Infinity War trailer to make 110 million view: 1 month

MCP/ChronicBuzz says:

"Who the hell are you guys?"
"Some good… some bad…. little bit of both" 😛


3 time better than Jurassic World 2 trailer.if you agree please thumbs up.

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