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Star Wars: The Binks Awakens – Trailer # 2

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From Director Jar Jar Abrams comes the chilling conclusion to the Gungan Saga
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Charlie Studios says:

The part with the force ghost are actually very good

Planet Watcher says:

Where is the Last Binks trailer?

MF Blaziken says:

Still better then the last jedi

Emily Chapman says:

When I first saw jar jar I loved him

Keyaan Khan says:

Do next the yoga awakens plzzz where yoga comes back to life comes to the dark side and haves red skin

Josiah Callaghan says:

still better than the Last Jedi…

birchplayz says:

I would kill myself if this was a real movie

Daisy Arriola says:

It's new watch it

Daisy Arriola says:

I like star wars the last jedi it well be in December 15 friday

Daisy Arriola says:

It's funny

_NiklasPlayz_ YouTube says:


Donald trumps Angry pumpkin says:

Still waiting for you to make Star Wars- The Last Gungan.

Macster987 says:

00:0000:04 OMG

RC4567 says:

best part 1:19

darth jar jar says:

That was weird

Lord Spaghetti Fan says:

I died at the "Thisa Christmas" part

Rooster chicken man says:

MOI MOI!!!!! Mesa soooooooo not a bombad awsome super cool sithe lord…….uhhhh…ummmm..yep just your everyday normal gungan……just normal jar jar the clumsy not sith lord gungan…..hehe…good i think theysa fooleds,OH NO!!!!!! Mesa don't think mesa was soposed to type thats!!! DELETE DELETE!!!! huuu typeing delete dousn't delete its hmmmmmm….uhhh ohhhh!!!! Uhh…GOOD BYE!!!!!

BulletTime Duck says:

Best. Star. Wars. Video. Ever

Mysaiah Felton says:

If this was the actuall trailer I would kill myself right before drinking bleach and cringing myself to sleep, but I would still give a like

Jake Bane says:

I did not need to see Han hugging Jar Jar

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