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“Thor: Ragnarok” Official Trailer

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Majid Naeem says:

watch full movie on FOUMOVIE.COM

Finalman26 THA BULLZ says:

needed to be funnier…Thumbs down in this movie..

Angel Alloatti says:


Srïñîdhí S says:

Thor huh….. thoo justice league is way better… marvel

Rahul Roy says:

Plss tell me some one name of website by which I download new movies.

Judd Atkins says:

This was a great movie

IvanM NinjaBeast says:

What if this was a Street Fighter movie that Ken & Ryu putting together a team of strong fighters against Akuma turning into Oni, in the end Ryu unleash the power of nothingness. I think that will be very lit😎

GAMBIT Slacklines says:

This is the best, most complete Marvel Movie, it is really near perfect.

Yousef Samir says:

Ragnarok full movie


God of thunder getting stunned by 5v battery 😂😂😂
It was funny

Channing regan says:

What if the guardians of the galaxy was in this movie and helped Thor get back to asguard and defeat hela

Saju Tamang says:

Thor 3 full movie HD

Comic_Drips says:

Go to instagram.com/comic_drips if you like art. DON'T WAIT, CLICK THE LINK!!!

Gordon Shumway says:

I hope Valkyrie and Korg have significant roles in Avengers infinity war. They were so awesome, major props to the actress who played Valkyrie, I loved her character.

Tio Napsta/Pedro says:

In the Face of Evil music at the beginning makes me want to watch the movie.

Or play Hotline Miami 2.
Because this song is from Hotline Miami 2

killedbythedocter says:

Legitimately the worst movie I've seen in my entire life. I couldn't tell if it was trying to be that bad on purpose or not but it wasn't even funny. I can't even watch a legit Thor movie again cause this actually soured my taste for all things thor. I left the theater a more empty person than when I went in

Horaţiu Macovei says:

This movie Thor Box Office apart!

Vicky Cheng says:

1:23 THOR: RAGNAROK 2017
*WATCH NOW IN HD QUALITY >> https://t.co/njFPzWMdoY

HBO official parter says:

1:23 THOR: RAGNAROK 2017
*WATCH NOW IN HD QUALITY >> https://t.co/njFPzWMdoY

Mr dude 57 says:

I know right ,of all the 3 Thor movies,this is the best one ever,everyone has agreed to that

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